Lossless Hybrid Coding technique based on Quasi Fractal & Oscillation Concept Method for Medical Image Compression

  • Satyawati Magar Department of E & TC, D.V.V.P College of Engineering, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.
  • Bhavani Sridharan Department of ECE, Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering & Technology Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
Keywords: Quasi Fractal, Morphological Filter, Adaptive Threshold, CR, MSE, PSNR, Oscillation Concept, BTC-SPIHT


The Image compression is the most important entity in various fields. Image compression plays vital role in many applications. Out of which biomedical is one of the challenging applications. In medical research, everyday there is fast development and advancement. Medical researchers are thinking about digital storage of data hence medical image compression has a crucial role in hospitals. Here Morphological filter & adaptive threshold are used for refinement and used Quasi Fractal & Oscillation concept for developing new hybrid algorithm. Oscillation concept is lossy image compression technique hence applied on Non-ROI. Quasi fractal is lossless image compression technique applied on ROI. The experimental results shows that better CR with acceptable PSNR has been achieved using hybrid technique based on Morphological band pass filter and Adaptive thresholding for ROI. Here, innovative hybrid technique gives the CR 24.61 which improves a lot than hybrid method using BTC-SPIHT is 5.65. Especially PSNR is also retained and bit improved i.e. 33.51. This hybrid technique gives better quality of an image.


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