Performance Comparison of Handover mechanisms in mobile wireless communication networks for Broadband Wireless Access Systems

Keywords: Wireless Communication Network, WiMAX, LTE, Handover, GSM and CDMA


Mobility is the mobile communication characteristics which make it diverse and attractive for all. Wireless communication is now attractive to the whole world and provides the ability of users to communicate very active. Transferring the users from one radio network to another is accomplishing the IT. The process is called the handover process. The transfer takes place by adjusting the duration of the soft transfers, the area size and either by cell crossing or by deterioration in the signal quality of the current channel — the brief overview of handover, Handover in WiMAX and LTE, types of handover, handover types solutions, approaches used in literature are typically transfer parameters and I contemporary the convergent fact for continuance in the area of mobile and wireless communication Handover.


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