Patient Monitoring and Abnormality Detection Along with an Android Application

  • Hridhya A.P. Department of ECE, Vedavyasa Institute of Technology, Malappuram, Kerala, India
  • Periasamy C Department of ECE, Vedavyasa Institute of Technology, Malappuram, Kerala, India
  • Rahul I.R Department of ECE, Vedavyasa Institute of Technology, Malappuram, Kerala, India
Keywords: Abnormality detection algorithm, health monitoring, Threshold detection, respiration rate, cloud storage, Electronic Patient Record, Electro Cardio Gram


The health related problems are becoming more and more critical. This necessitates the need for continuous monitoring of health parameters of the patient. The health monitoring electronic equipment’s are not able to maintain health logs, analyzing the biomedical data obtained and assisting the patient and caregivers depending on the analysis. This project is intended to monitor the patient’s bio-signals like Electro Cardio Gram (ECG), pulse rate, respiration rate and temperature. Suitable algorithms can be used to find out the abnormalities in these bio-signals. Today Electronic Patient Records (EPR) are confined to the hospital database and are available within the hospital information system. This project also aims to a modification of Electronic Patient Records depending on the real-time vital parameter feed. These updated EPR information instead of storing in the hospital database are uploaded through the internet and stored in a cloud system. The patient need not have to carry the medical records in the form of papers, films or Compact Disc (CD) while moving from hospital to hospital. The patient needs to carry only an android mobile phone. Using the android application, the medical records stored in the cloud can be retrieved. The physician can analyze the medical records of the patient either through personal computers or through the mobile phones with the help of android application.


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