A Novel Approach for Remote Compilation using Docker Containers

  • Selvakumar G Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering , Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, India.
Keywords: Docker, virtualization, containerization, remote compilation, hypervisor


The number of programming languages is getting more and more and developers are facing a tough time in installing all the compilers, libraries and supporting files for the development activities. Most of the time they want to experiment with new technologies, where the efforts required creating a complete environment to run the programs may not be feasible. On the other hand, several companies have started recruiting developers through their online programming platforms. In such situations, it is essential to protect the resources of the server from malicious programs written by the users by purpose or inadvertently. The client environment has to be as lighter as possible and the server environment must be as secure and efficient as possible. There are several existing solutions to meet this objective with plenty of demerits. In this paper we propose a novel method which overcomes most of the problems in the existing solutions and we have experimented the effectiveness of the proposed solution. In our proposed method we develop a docker based sandbox to run the client programs and display the output. We have developed a complete web interface to test the solution and created a backend to manage the users, sessions, tested programs and the outcomes which can be used for analytics too.


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