Electronic Travel Aid for Visually Impaired People Along with a Panic Alert System

  • Anusree Department of ECE, Vedavyasa Institute of Technology, Mallapuram, Kerala, India
  • Periasamy C Department of ECE, Vedavyasa Institute of Technology, Mallapuram, Kerala, India
  • Krishnapriya V Department of ECE, Vedavyasa Institute of Technology, Mallapuram, Kerala, India
Keywords: Electronic Travel Aid, Visual impairment, Obstacle detection, Blindness, Assistive technology, Human detection


There are many issues over which humans have no control. Blindness is one of such issues. It snatches the vivid visual beauty of the world from an individual’s life.But missing the beauty of nature becomes one of the last worries of such people as they have to face numerous difficulties in order to perform even the most basics of tasks in their day to day life. One of their most important problems is of transport, such as crossing roads, traveling in trains, or in any other public places. A visually impaired person to survive the fittest in this world, the person must go through all the obstacles without the guidance of others. One of the most important measures to avoid the obstacle by the blind is to provide an assistive implementation, which can help to wander on their own. The main aim of this project is to provide an assistive technology used for the purpose of enhancing the mobility of the blind pedestrian which is commonly referred to as Electronic Travel Aid (ETA) and to motivate the blind without having the inferior feeling of their problem and pay away the blind to move on their own . In this project, a smart guiding ETA is used to guide the user to sense the obstacle before them. This device eliminates the requirement of human assistance for blind while traveling outside. It will identify all obstacles in the path with the help of various sensors installed in it. The microcontroller will retrieve data and pass it on as vibrations which will notify the user about hurdles.


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