Contrasting mineralogy and strain partitioning across N-S oriented Sitampundi - Kanjamalai Shear in Sitampundi Anorthosite Layered Complex

  • Harish M.K Department of Geology, Government Arts College, Salem-636007, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Rahul J Department of Geology, Government Arts College, Salem-636007, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Thirukumaran V Department of Geology, Government Arts College, Salem-636007, Tamil Nadu, India.
Keywords: Sitampundi Anorthosite Layered Complex (SALC), Sitampundi – Kanjamalai Shear, Strain analysis, Clinozoisites, Zoning, Thirumanimuthar river


Sitampundi Anorthosite Layered Complex (SALC) is a complexly folded and metamorphosed terrain that shows different metamorphic grade separated by a regional linear divide. In the north-eastern part of the complex, the anorthosites contain green-colored clinozoisites that are strikingly absent in the western part of the limb. Based on the presence of the clinozoisites, the entire SALC can be divided into two zones. The Sitampundi-Kanjamalai shear zone (SKSZ) separates mega crystals of clinozoite bearing anorthosites from clinozoisite free anorthosites. To add furthermore, strain analysis of different samples of anorthosite on either side of the zones was conducted by employing Flinn method. In general, anorthosites fall into the flattening field. The clinozoisite free anorthosites are more flattening and clinozoisite bearing anorthosites exhibit a slight difference in their strain ratio, ie., it is comparatively less flattening.  Geochemistry of clinozoisites was studied using EPMA & XRD methods. The percentage of oxides obtained from EPMA coincides with that of epidote. But, XRD confirms the mineral to be clinozoisite indicating the transition phase of epidote to clinozoisite. Zoning has had occurred in clinozoisites with aluminium oxide rich core and FeO rich rim. This could be related to a retrogression corresponding to a shearing event.


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