Detailed Study on Critical Delay Factors Affecting the Construction Industry

  • Ravisankar K.L. Department of Civil Engineering, Nandha Engineering College, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Bragateeswaran T Department of Civil Engineering, Nandha Engineering College, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Keywords: Construction delay, Delay causes, Mean score value, Quantification, Questionnaire survey, Ranking


The Construction industry of India is an important indicator of the growth as it generates investment opportunities across various related sectors. Delay in construction projects is considered one of the most common problems causing a multitude of negative effects on the construction projects. Construction delays can be defined as the late completion of work compared to the planned schedule or contract schedule. Construction delays can be minimized only when their cause are identified. The objective of this study was to identify the major causes of construction delays. In this context the management of the delay may influence the financial performance of the project, since the overall value of contractual penalties may exceed ten percentage or more than that of the project budget.

This study was carried out based on literature review and a questionnaire survey. The data for this study will be gathering through a detailed questionnaire survey. The questionnaire consists of total factors of seventeen group were contributed to the causes of construction delay based on literature review. In that seventeen groups have been consist of total 50 factors for delay. The questionnaire form is forwarded to various construction industries through email and in personal. The objectives of the study were successfully achieved. The top five most important factors that contributed to the causes of delays were Delay in financial support by owner to the contractor (Stage by stage payment), Design errors made by designers due to unfamiliarity with local conditions & environment, Equipment allocation problem, Poor site management & Inaccurate site investigation, Fluctuation of prices. To minimize delay in construction projects it has been identified that the top three effective methods of minimizing construction delays includes: site management and supervision, effective strategic planning, and clear information and communication channels.


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