A Study on Automated Micro Irrigation Using Soil Moisture Sensors

  • Raneesh K.Y Department of Agriculture Engineering, Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore-641062, Tamil Nadu, India.
Keywords: Micro Irrigation, Automation, Soil Moisture, Sensors


Micro irrigation is the modern method of irrigation. By this method water is irrigated through drippers, sprinklers, foggers and by other emitters on surface and sub surface of the land. Micro irrigation can be given by tubes and drippers which deliver water directly to the base of each plant or crop. Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, bubbler irrigation and sub-surface irrigation are the different types of irrigation. Soil moisture is the key variable in controlling the exchange of water and heat energy between the land surface and atmosphere. Soil moisture sensor measures the volumetric water content in the soil. Automation in micro irrigation is a system by which all the operations related to supply of irrigation water or fertilizer to the crop are carried out automatically with minimum manual interventions using soil moisture sensors.


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