Field programmable Gate Array based Real Time Object Tracking using Partial Least Square Analysis

  • Somasundaram D. Department of Biomedical Engineering, Sri Shakthi institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore – 641062, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Kumaresan N Department of ECE, Anna University, Regional Center, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Vanitha S Department of ECE, PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research, Coimbatore – 641 062, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Object Tracking, Feature Extraction, Adaptive Appearance Model, Partial Least Square Analysis, FPGA


In this paper, we proposed an object tracking algorithm in real time implementation of moving object tracking system using Field programmable gate array (FPGA). Object tracking is considered as a binary classification problem and one of the approaches to this problem is that to extract appropriate features from the appearance of the object based on partial least square (PLS) analysis method, which is a low dimension reduction technique in the subspace. In this method, the adaptive appearance model integrated with PLS analysis is used for continuous update of the appearance change of the target over time. For robust and efficient tracking, particle filtering is used in between every two consecutive frames of the video. This has implemented using Cadence and Virtuoso software integrated environment with MATLAB. The experimental results are performed on challenging video sequences to show the performance of the proposed tracking algorithm using FPGA in real time.


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