Performance Analysis of Regular and Irregular LDPC Codes on SPIHT Coded Image Data

  • Shahnas P Department of ECE, MDIT, Kozhikode, Kerala, India.
Keywords: SPIHT Algorithm, LDPC, Image Data, LDPC codes


The LDPC (Low Density Parity Check Code) has Shown interesting results for transmitting embedded bit streams over noisy communication channels. Performance comparison of regular and irregular LDPC codes with SPIHT coded image is done here. Different Error Sensitive classes of image data are obtained by using SPIHT algorithm as an image coder. Irregular LDPC codes map the more important class of data into a higher degree protection class to provide more protection. Different degree protection classes of an LDPC code improves the overall performance of data transmission against channel errors. Simulation results show the superiority of irregular LDPC over regular LDPC codes.


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P, S. (2020). Performance Analysis of Regular and Irregular LDPC Codes on SPIHT Coded Image Data. International Journal of Computer Communication and Informatics, 2(2), 1-5.

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