Dual Axis Solar Tracking of Solar Radiation for Agriculture usage

  • Monika Gupta Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, New Horizon college of Engineering, Bengaluru, India.
  • Swati Nigam Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, New Horizon college of Engineering, Bengaluru, India.
  • Sonika Katta Department of Computer Applications, Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur, India
  • Vivek Upadhyay Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Poornima University, Jaipur, India
  • Ashok K Department of Computer Science & Engineering, New Horizon college of Engineering Bengaluru, India
  • Girraj Sharma Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, JECRC, Jaipur, India
Keywords: Dual-Axis Sun tracker, LDR, Photovoltaic cells, Solar energy, Solar panels


Energy is one of the important parts of our life. As there is decline in fossil fuels and increasing demand for energy an alternate energy source is required which is renewable energy source like solar, wind etc. So, we use solar panels which trap the energy from the sun and produce electricity, and this energy is used for agriculture purpose like to run water pumps and to meet other energy requirements in agriculture. Due to rotation of earth the stationery solar panel will receive energy only for smaller duration so to overcome this we use dual axis tracking system which rotates solar panel according to direction of sun and helps in producing more solar energy. Agriculture is one of the major contributing sectors to the economy of a country and it requires automation and advanced technology so that it helps farmers in producing more yield and better crops. So, in agriculture continuous monitoring of soil and water level is required so we can automate this which helps the farmers where the device continuously monitors and depending upon the moisture level of the soil the water pumps get on automatically and we can use this for different crops and set threshold depending upon the crop type. And we can also integrate this idea with IOT technology for improvements. By this we create sustainable energy   indirectly producing sustainable environment.


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