24X7 - Travelling Womens Safety in Metrocity Traffic

  • Devikanniga Devarajan Department of Computer Science and Engineering, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), Bangalore, Karnataka-562112
Keywords: Mobile Computing, Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm, Breadth First Search (BFS), Shortest Path Tree (SPT), Global Positioning System (GPS) and android


As technology has advanced quickly, more individuals are using smartphones for a variety of functions such as marketing, business, social media, surfing, etc. This has also increased the threat of information sharing across various sites, which is one of the major reasons for harassment cases and other security threats against women. Surveys reveal that, smartphone usage by women has risen upto 5 folds in the last 6 years which is an average increase by 27% per annum. The increase in usage means that, there are high chances for misuse of information which results in security threats for women. The proposed system aims to create awareness of smartphone usage in mobile computing among women to efficiently handle it by avoiding physical assaults and harassments against women. It focuses to provide a Global Positioning System (GPS) dependent, android based safety application exclusively designed for women who travel farther distances on daily basis. Here it is implemented with help of Dijkstra’s Algorithm to find out locations based on Breadth First Search to form shorted path tree for reachable locations.


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