ESP32 Based Electric Energy Consumption Meter

  • Paul Stone Macheso Department of Physics, University of Malawi, Zomba, Malawi.
  • Doreen Thotho African Center of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT), University of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology, Kigali, Rwanda.
Keywords: ESP32, Energy, Internet of Things, Blynk, Current Transformer


In recent years, the Smart Energy Meter has attracted a lot of attention from all over the world. In this paper a design and prototyping a low-cost IoT energy monitoring is presented, which may be utilized in a variety of applications such as power billing, smart grid energy management, and home automation. The system is based on a low-cost ESP32 microcontroller that is interfaced non-invasive Current Transformer (CT) sensors, and voltage sensor to get data from sensor nodes and deliver it to a Blynk server over the internet. The studies' findings showed that the system for monitoring energy consumption can precisely record voltage, current, active power, and cumulative power consumption.


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